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lilymunster ([personal profile] lilymunster) wrote2008-01-21 10:28 am

Abandon hope all ye who enter...




Friends only. Please comment if you would like to be added.

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I wanted to go when we were in Paris 5 years ago, but [ profile] rarelylynne was against it.


Maybe next time.

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I could have sworn I went there with you.

I went twice--once with JYA folks (not you?) and again when T visited. I hear it is no longer open to visitors, but I wonder if that was only temporary to fix a "falling bones" problem.

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What is this place? I am intrigued by those skulls on the wall...

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You've entered the catacombs in Paris! :)
(deleted comment)

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I thought you liked ossuaries? You're not afraid, are ya?

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Wait a sec...were you meeping to get in? Of course you're in!!! This is just a post for people who aren't already on my friends list, Pablo Honey. :P

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yo am I in? I'm not sure I like bones but studded leather collars are cool.

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All people on my friends list have a VIP pass. Can't argue with a studded leather collar! :)

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Just make sure you're logged in, yo.

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comment FTW!

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I'm such a dork...

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You are? :) I'm not sure I know who this is.

Please state your name, quest, and favorite colour for entry.